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At the organizational or national level, METODO is a holistic approach to managing issues that limit integration and hence negatively affect performance and stability. This system has been developed after twenty-five years of professional experience, thorough workplace observations, and in-depth multidisciplinary scientific research. In its basic form, METODO can be applied to any type of organization or cross-cultural cooperation; the added value of the system is its flexibility, which allows customization to suit  specific needs. 


The logic behind METODO

Any type of international cooperation implies people from different cultures, organizations, technology and physical environments that directly or indirectly influence each other. When any of those components acts as a separate entity, gaps appear and performance is put at risk. Normally these gaps, that appear now and then, are further complicated by incomplete or improper communication. To identify these gaps we use METODO, it analyzes an organization from the micro to the macro levels and vice versa. With this, we are able to find the gaps and develop custom-made solutions.


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